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Eritrean News in Tigrigna from 3 July 2013: Eri TV Zena Highlights –

  • Asmara – Azel Pharmaceutical Factory yesterday marked its 10th anniversary at Asmara Palace Hotel.Speaking on the occasion, the Minister of Health, Ms. Amna Nur-Hussein, pointed out that the factory has been the main source of drug supply at national level, and that this attests to the Government’s commitment as regards ensuring safe, standardized and sustainable supply of medicines. She further indicated that the factory’s long-term objective aims at exporting drugs to neighboring countries, and that postgraduate studies have been launched with a view to meeting the goal, while remarkable accomplishments have been made in collaboration with potential stakeholders.Mr. Misgina Tekleab, the factory’s manager, gave briefings regarding the functionality of the establishment vis-à-vis its role in satisfying domestic drug demand and other related factors.

    Moreover, a number of research papers were presented on the occasion.

    Azel Pharmaceutical Factory was established in June 2003 in line with a joint business venture between the Eritrean government and a Jordanian pharmaceutical institution.

  • Asmara – A total of 972 non-settler farmers from the Central region have left for the environs of Bademit and Gerset dams to start farming ventures in line with the new investment prospects created by the government.Among the nationals, Mr. Arafa Omrai, Ms. Sara Fisehatsion and Ms. Saliha Mohammed-Ali expressed satisfaction with the opportunity and its equitable nature, and said that they would back up the nation’s endeavors of ensuring food security.Mr. Tewolde Ainealem, Managing director of the Administration of Berikh sub-zone, wished the farmers a favorable wet season.
  • Barentu – The Education Ministry’s branch in Gash-Barka region has called for integrated efforts on the part of communities and government bodies as regards reinforcement of the impact of educational institutions. It made the call at an assessment meeting during which Mr. Haileab Hibtai from the branch office indicated that a program with a scope extending to the year 2017 has been charted in this connection.Also speaking at the meeting, Mr. Abdullahi Al-Amin, Head of social service in the region, called on pertinent bodies to extend a helping hand towards the realization of the cherished goal.Mr. Mohammed-Ali Ibrahim, Head of the branch office, pointed out on his part that the number of schools is on the rise vis-à-vis the number of students, and that further endeavors are necessary so as to register still more gratifying outcome.

    In closing remarks, the Administrator of Gash-Barka region, Mr. Mohammed Hamd, noted the role of communities in enhancing the impact of educational institutions, and called on students and parents  to play due role to this end. He further voiced the Administration’s readiness to step up participation in this regard.

  • Augaro – The Administration of the health center in Tekombia semi-urban center, Laelai-Gash sub-zone, said that it is striving to eradicate communicable diseases on the basis of community-based environmental hygiene campaigns.Mr. Yohanes Yemane, Head of the health institutions in the sub-zone, indicated that the health center’s intervention in this regard has been well-incorporated with its regular services.Mr. Abdu Yacob, Head of environmental hygiene in the Health Ministry’s branch in Gash-Barka region, explained that ensuring reliable potable water supply and environmental hygiene constitutes a stepping stone as regards eradication of communicable diseases. Further efforts need to be exerted towards widespread introduction of soak-pit latrines and other environmental sanitation goals, reports indicated.

    Among the residents of Tekombia Ms. Ajo Soni, Ms. Genet Simon, Ms. Nura Suleiman, Mr. Kisha Tutai and Mr. Mohammed-Ali Adem asserted that the Ministry’s endeavors focusing on community wellbeing are witnessing positive impact, and that they would strive for the realization of the cherished goal.

  • Asmara – The residents of Abashaul and Arbaete-Asmera Administrative areas here in the capital have planted more than 1,000 tree seedlings around Beit-Giorgis area in collaboration with members of the People’s Army.

    Mr. Abraham Teklemariam, Administrator of Arbaete-Asmera area, pointed out that more than 38,000 tree seedlings planted in the area last year have flourished well in line with the area’s dominant foggy scenario. He further expressed conviction that the ongoing joint undertakings on the part of the city residents and members of the People’s Army constitute a favorable groundwork for nurturing the culture of work, besides their visible impact in ensuring environmental stability.

    One of the members of the People’s Army, Samson Gebremariam said that his colleagues are actively involved in the process bearing the conviction that their role is crucial in the national development drive.

    Among the city residents, Ms. Rahwa Habtegiorgis, Mr. Hassan Seid and Ms. Letekidan Mengesha stated that active community participation is being witnessed in the undertaking in line with the prevalence of growing awareness to this end. They also voiced readiness to back up national development programs.

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