Eritrean Police Force Graduates Members |

Eritrean news: Eritrea-Dekemhare, 13 June 2010 – Eritrean Police Force has graduated members on June 10 who have been taking traffic operations courses in Dekemhare Training Center.

The training includes laws and regulations of road traffic, supervision and penalty, presentation and reporting of the violation of traffic rules and accidents, interrogation, public relations, narcotics and others.

The Head of the Training and Education in the Center, Colonel Kidane Tesfay indicated that the trainees were following the courses enthusiastically and reminded them to apply the knowledge they have acquired.

Head of the Training Center, Colonel Zerai Kalab, on his part said that the training was extended as a continuation of previous similar trainings.

After handing out prizes to outstanding members, the Commander of the Eritrean Police, Colonel Mehari Tsegay explained the importance of providing such training so as to combat crime and prevent accidents.

The trainees on their part pledged to make maximum use of the opportunity provided to them.


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