Eritrean President Isaias Awards Exemplary Farmer

Eritrean news: The Administrator of the Southern region, Mr. Mustafa Nurhusein, presented the award on behalf of President Isaias involving a vehicle worth half a million Nakfa, 500,000 Nakfa in cash and agricultural equipments worth 100,000 Nakfa, as well as land for residential purpose in Debarwa town.

Speaking on the occasion, the Administrator noted that encouraging hard working nationals is long standing culture of the EPLF, and called on other farmers to emulate Mr. Gebremichael’s example and strive to boost production.

In remarks he made during the presentation award, Mr. Gebremichael reiterated that he would exert still greater efforts in his undertakings.

The Administrator of Debarwa sub-zone, Ms. Leul Asrat, explained on her part that the exemplary farmer has changed 100 hectares in Adebzage administrative area into a productive farm land.

Fellow farmers in Adebzage said that the encouragement extended to Mr. Gebremichael is a pride to all of them, and they are already exerting vigorous efforts to make their farm plots ready for cultivation through emulating his example.

It is to be recalled that during his working visit in the Southern region last March, President Isaias expressed admiration to the exemplary farmer’s work performance, and that the necessary support would be extended to him.


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