Eritrean Refugee Almost 3 Years In Israeli Open Prison

Eritrean News: In Legal Limbo, Dozens of Africans Languishing in Israeli Jail for Years.Sometimes they lack valid travel papers, or their country refuses to take them back or has no representation in Israel. Sometimes language differences pose a problem.

ዜሕዝን ዜና – ኤርትራዊ ስደተኛ ዳርጋ ን ፫(3) ዓመት ተኣሲሩ ኣብ ቤት መኣሰርቲ ናይ ኢስራኤል።

The report tells of an Eritrean who was held in Saharonim Prison for almost three years. He refused the population authority’s demand that he go to the Eritrean…..

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