Eritrean Stabs Man After Assaulting Women |

Eritrean news: Police in Germany has reconstructed the final moments of Emeka Okornkwo, who was stabbed to death by two men from Eritrea last weekend.

Detectives investigating the case said that the incident took place when two women left a night club early Sunday morning to catch a train at a nearby station in Frankfurt. The 29- year- old and 43- year-old females were waiting for their train when they were approached by two Eritreans who verbally harassed them demanding sex.

As the verbal assaults got worse, one of the Eritreans started spitting at the females. This is when Nigerian Emeka Okornkwo came to the women’s aid walking up between the victims and their attackers. After a short fight one of the Eritreans pulled out a knife and stabbed the Nigerian aiming at the left side of his chest.

The Nigerian collapsed immediately and died later in Hospital from the knife wounds to his heart. Last Thursday police arrested a 34-year-old Eritrean who is supposed to be the stabber. His 24-year-old companion was freed as no charges had been filed against him.

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