Eritrean Tigrinya News – 4 April 2013 by Eri.TV

Eritrean news highlights:

Awareness of inhabitants of Igroli Administrative area regarding health issues on the rise

Eritrea-Igroli, 4 April 2013- The awareness of the inhabitants of Igroli Administrative area as regards health issues and judicious use of health institutions is on the rise, stated Mr. Ibrahim Osman, head of the health center there.

He further pointed out that the achievement so far registered is the outcome of the rigorous awareness campaigns conducted and advised pregnant women to make use of the health center during delivery.

Among the inhabitants, Ms. Ambia Mohammed and Ms. Kedija Siron explained that they are first hand witness for the consequence of not properly using the health center and that they are presently regularly visiting it for medical check-up in recognition of its importance.

The health center also serves the inhabitants of Ferer, Hamerti and Ad-Ela.

Training on the significance of blood donation provided to students of College of Social Sciences

Halhale, 4 April 2013- Training on the significance of blood donation has been provided to students of the College of Social Sciences at Halhale.

The training that was provided by members of the Eritrean Blood Transfusion Institution included its activities, importance of donating blood in saving lives and other related issues.

The students appreciated the training and within few hours 160 of them donated blood.

From their ranks, Balwait Jimi’e and Biniam Bereket said that donating blood would cause no harm and called on fellow citizens to emulate their example.

Mr. Yohanna Fesehaie, member of the National Blood Transfusion Institution, voiced appreciation for the participation of the students and called for its sustainability.

Election of Area administrators and work managers conducted in Dige sub-zone

Dige, 4 April 2013- The election of Area administrators and work managers has been conducted in Dige sub-zone.

Mr. Saleh Haji, Administrator the sub-zone indicated that the election was conducted in the Administrative areas of Girjinai, Tekreret, Afhimbol, Jimilen and Keru and called on the elected Administrators and work managers to diligently serve the people.

He also reminded them to transmit timely and accurate information to the people and work for strengthening the organizational capacity of the people and development programs.

The newly elected Area administrators and work managers on their part expressed allegiance to serve the people with dedication.

Anseba region: Training provided aimed at ensuring safety of mothers and children

Keren, 4 April 2013- The National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW) brach in Anseba region provided training for women regarding the precaution that should be taken to ensure the safety of mothers and children as well as raising their awareness regarding law.

The training that was conducted in the sub-zones of Elabered, Asmat, Keren and Halhal aimed at raising the women’s awareness as regards law and related issues besides enhancing their knowledge of health issues and there by recognize their rights and obligations and thus nurture participation in social economic and political activities.

The training that included application of law, avoiding harmful practices, as well as rights and obligations, under age marriage and related issues was provided by experts. Moreover, extensive discussion was conducted.

Ms. Asha Ali Nur, Chairperson of the NUEW branch in Anseba region, reminded participants, especially young women, to ensure their rights and strengthen their organizational capacity, besides becoming competitive in education.(shabait)

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