Eritrean villages in Central region become beneficiaries of transport service

Eritrean TV – Tigrinya Video News: Eri-TV Zena – Asmara, 14 June 2013 – The Public Transport branch in the Central region stated that all villages have become beneficiaries of transport service following the import of new buses and opening of a number of new routes.

Mr. Kibrom Segid, managing director of the branch office, pointed out that new routes were opened from Asmara to Arbe-Rebue, Beleza, Wekerti, Weki and Guritat villages last year, and that the current beneficiary villages of the new transport service reached 16. He further indicated that more than 70 buses and 25 minibuses are dispatched for rural transport by the office on daily basis, and thus serving more than 180 people a day.

Among the inhabitants, Ms. Askalu Beyene, Mr. Amanuel Ande, Ms. Liya Negasi, Mr. Semere Tekle and Ms. Hiwet Gebrele’ul expressed satisfaction with the opening of the launching of new transport services at fair price.

Mr. Kibrom called on the inhabitants to extend a helping hand in the renovation of roads. More videos @

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