Eritreans Begin Cycling Tour ’13th Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Demarcation’ (VOA)

Eritrean Audio Tigrigna Interview: Eritreans in the Diaspora begin cycling tour in connection with 13th anniversary of the Eritrea –Ethiopia Boundary Commission’s ruling on border demarcation.

Eritrean Cycling Tour FOR Demarcation in 2015

Eritrean nationals in the Diaspora have begun cycling tour in connection with the 13th anniversary of the final and binding ruling of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC) on border demarcation.

The tour would begin from Sweden and end in Switzerland. It is being conducted under the theme “Cycling Tour for the Truth, Peace, Justice and Eritrea” and is aimed at calling for an immediate and unconditional implementation of the Commission’s 13-year old final and binding ruling and an end to Ethiopia’s occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories. Furthermore, the participants would call for an end to the illegal UN sanctions against Eritrea.

The Cycling tour that would be conducted for twoweeks is scheduled to get underway on March 31 from Gothenburg, Sweden, and upon reaching the final destination in Geneva passing through different cities in Germany. The participants would hold gathering in front of the UN Office there and voice the Eritrean people’s demand for justice and truth.

Along the way, the participants of the tour would deliver Memoranda to local officials, disseminate pamphlets portraying Eritrea’s correct image and meet with Friends of Eritrea.

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