EriTV – A book in Tigrigna titled “10,000 days of armed struggle for independence” inaugurated

Eritrean News – Tigrinya: Asmara, 26 September 2014 – A book in Tigrigna titled “10 thousand days of armed struggle for independence” was inaugurated yesterday at Embasoira Hotel hall here in the capital.

The 170-page book written by Mr. Kidane Gebremedhin, a national who resides in Switzerland, pertains to the 30-year long armed struggle for independence.

Eritrean Book - Based on a true story - Eri-TV
Eritrean Book – Based on a true story – Eri-TV

Speaking on the occasion of the book’s was inauguration, the author said that it specifically highlights the heroic popular struggle during the years 1975 to 1991(the latter marking the achievement of Eritrean total independence). It is to be recalled that in those years the Eritrean people endured immense suffering at the hands of the Ethiopian forces of occupation. In this connection, Mr. Kidane indicated that he was inspired to write the book so as to bequeath the heroic feats of the Eritrean people demonstrated during the long and bitter struggle for independence.

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