EriTV – Tigrigna News – 12 May 2014

Eritrean News – Tigrinya:

  • – Ambassador Ali Ibrahim meets Chairman of Qatar’s Olympic Committee;
  • – 5th Grassroots-level Children’s Football Festival of Central region conducted with enthusiasm;
  • – Commander of Police Force calls on students to prove competence vis-à-vis knowledge and new technology;
  • – Residents of Tessenei conducting extensive preparation for rain-fed farming;
  • – NUEW members in Norway reiterate readiness to step up input in State affairs;
  • – Seminar conducted in Forto-Sawa sub-zone with a view to promoting number of school registration;
  • – Administrator of Central Denkalia sub-zone conducts discussion regarding proper land use with Eddi inhabitants;

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Eritrean News - Tigrinya - 12 May 2014

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