EriTV – Tigrigna News – 19th June 2014

Eritrean News – Tigrinya:

  • Asmara: Prayer services conducted in connection with Martyrs Day in church and mosque;
  • Minister of Local Government indicates that human resource development constitutes vital prerequisite for economic progress;
  • Meeting conducted enabling launching of joint research venture between the Eritrean Ministry of Health and China’s Shanghai region;
  • Eritrean community members in Atlanta city assert readiness to sustain input in national development programs;
  • Book in Tigrinya titled “Mahfuda Tarik” inaugurated;
  • Patronizing families of martyrs attests to commitment of honoring the trust of fallen heroes, Say families of fallen heroes;
  • Members of Agriculture and Information Ministries as well as Associations of Freedom Fighters conduct campaigns in connection with Martyrs Day;

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Eritrean News - Tigrinya - 19th June 2014
Eritrean News – Tigrinya – 19th June 2014

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