Eritrean News: What Professor Nega Berhanu in an Interview with Ethiopian Oppostion Television ESAT TV said,

“The notion that Woyane could fall with a little push is baseless argument.

We have to see Woyane seriously and we have to see it as a beast that sustained a serious injury and is out there to kill anyone in revenge.
Ethiopian Opposition Leader says that the price is to high to remove Weyane from Power

We have to understand the struggle is it very serious one.

The cost to remove Woyane from power is high. We need to know that Woyane will fight us to the end to stay in power.

As Patriotic Ginbot 7, we know the cost of this struggle. We have to make enough preparations for the struggle.

Up on its demise, Woyane will definitely try to destroy the country. Our struggle should also be to prevent the destruction of our country Ethiopia.

We need to know that when Woyane leaves, it will leave behind a mess.

When we look at the economic situation in the country, we have two types of bandits in the country.”

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Full Interview Video of Professor Berhanu Nega

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