Exhibition Of Ministry Of Mining And Energy Opens

Eritrean news: Eritrea-Massawa, 29 March 2011- An art exhibition reflecting the 20 years journey of the mining and energy sector was opened today in the port city of Massawa by the Minister of Energy and Mining, Mr. Ahmed Haji Ali.

The exhibition, which is part of the Ministry of Mining and Energy’s symposium under the theme “Eritrea: 20 Years of Dignity”, reflects efforts to exploit renewable sources of energy, the smokeless oven, gas and electricity supply, mining licensing and other activities of the sector.

Moreover, the exhibition will portray in detail studies conducted in different parts of the country as regards the potentials of wind and solar generated power as well as the activities of mining companies.
The ministry’s symposium underway in Massawa from 29 to 31 March will entertain study papers focusing on promoting the variety of energy and mining sources.

Source: shabait.com

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