Germany: Chained-up refugees resist police eviction from occupied building

Eritrean News: Refugees from Africa and Pakistan chained themselves by their necks to each other whilst occupying the DGB trade union building in Berlin on Thursday, making multiple attempts to resist police from cutting their chains and evicting them.

One by one the refugees had their chains forcibly cut by police officers who had swarmed the trade union building for the impending, and delayed eviction, at 11am local time.

One refugee, exhausted from his resistance to remain in the building and not be removed, was bloody and had to be sat down to recover from his injury.

The 15 refugees have previously occupied Berlin’s iconic TV Tower and did a hunger strike at Brandenburg Gate. Coming to the capital from Bavaria, the refugees were originally guests at the trade union house, until all 10 organisations which are part of the headquarters asked them to leave, with Thursday’s eviction as the result of that decision.

The 15 refugees are due to be deported back to Bavaria.

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