Infrastructural projects being implemented in Asmara

Eritrean English News:

The Central regional is implementing in different parts of
Asmara huge projects that include the construction of 70 km road, Eng. Mehreteab Habtemariam, head of construction and maintenance in the region, indicated.

He explained that with the agreement the Central region reached with Asbeco and Chinese Company SRBG 56 km of roads in Sembel area as well as water pipe lines and sewerages are under construction.

According to reports 95% of the projects being implemented in the southern part of the city that include 3.8 km of sewerage which passes through Expo and a bridge
36 meters long and 2.6 width are implemented.

Likewise, roads that connect Medeber with Arbate Asmara, the road from Endanora to Tegadelti Road, Villagio to Adi-Sogdo, Geza Banda, Mai temenai as well as a
reservoir in south west of the city that holds 1,600 cubic meters of water are under construction.
According to the information obtained maintenance of the roads in Edaga Hamus, Mihram-Chira, Hazhaz and in other areas of the city that have been difficult
for transportation would be implemented in the near future.
Many Asmara residents commended the implementation of the projects and called the
regional administration to reinforce its follow-up and monitoring capacity.

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