ISIS is a politically motivated organisation who are using religion as a cover

RIP To The Humanity
Eritrean News: ISIS is a politically motivated organisation who are using religion as a cover up to pursue their wicked and unholy agendas. I’ve been looking at them suspiciously, right from the very beginning of their appearances on the media conglomerates. I have always believed that there are world super powers who are manipulating and running the world, which are operating from behind the scenes. And ISIS cannot operate without being given full authority and blessings of those “Top Dogs”.

I remember many countries attacked Libya and overthrown Gaddafi, simply because they want him to be removed. But those countries ain’t taking any action to stop ISIS in Libya and else where, simply because they want them to be there. ISIS were fighting against Bashir Al Asad in Syria,who is apparently regarded as anti – western countries(similar to Gaddafi). Were this groups created by the world super powers to fight and remove Al Asad from power? (many similar questions could be raised here). Politicians make the mistakes and innocent people pay the price. I’m really fed up of those silly dramas now!

And one thing to Eritrean moslems … you don’t really need to explain us that “ISIS does not represent Islam”, because WE ALREADY KNOW. In fact they have killed more moslems than christians. Eritrean Moslems + Christians side by side have done a great job during those odd times, and such incidents will never divide us! RIP our fellow Eritreans and Ethiopian victims as well.

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