Merhawi K. won the Tour of Gold Coast 2013 – Stage 4

Eritrean sport news: Stage 4,
Merhawi Kudus won the Tour of Gold Coast (Tour de Côte d’Or) 2013

The Eritrean runner training World Cycling Centre Merhawi Kudus logically that wins the Tour. He was harder on the roads department, ranking second in succession, 6th, 1st and 26th. With a stage win between Sombernon Talant and a second place in Chenôve Merhawi Kudus dominated the Tour de Côte-d’Or 2013. The rider of Eritrea offers a great success to his team and the African cycling!

Eritrean Rider - Merhawi Kudus the champion“Eritrean rider Merhawi Kudus (World Cycling Centre) 26th step and won the Tour de Côte d’Or “In the first climb, I was watching my most dangerous opponents. After the break is gone. When Dimitri Claeys (VL Technics-Abutriek) and Quentin Bernier (SCO Dijon) came out against, I did not panic. After 40 kilometers, I saw that there were more than 1’30 apart, I realized that it was very dangerous. My teammates did the forcing and created a border. It was very difficult to narrow the gap, of course I was a little nervous. In the last kilometers, I helped my teammates who shot a lot of work throughout the race. They were very strong. After my first success in Europe in the first step, now I won the general classification of the stage race. I am very happy! Soon, I will play a one-day race in Italy. After that, I’ll be at the Tour de Leon in Spain. Then I will identify all stages of the Tour de l’Avenir with my team. The Tour de l’Avenir is a big goal. I hope to get the maximum points at the Nations Cup so we’re six Eritreans in the World Championships. The course of the Championships is pretty hard this year it seems. I will be aiming a place on the podium. ” Jean-Jacques Henry (Sports Director of the World Cycling Centre) “My riders made a mistake by letting Dimitri Claeys (VL Technics-Abutriek) and Quentin Bernier (SCO Dijon). I went to see them and tell them to catch up. They told me: “No, there’s no worries, we manage! “. Finally, it was harder than they thought. They had sore legs, but it is a good thing, it gives them the experience. The four teammates Merhawi are good riders, they were able to restore the situation. This is my first success in a stage race in France since I lead the World Cycling Centre (he arrived there one year and a half replacing Michel Thèze, Ed). I had already won the Tour of Azerbaijan last year with Youcef Reguigui today at MTN pro-Qhubeka. More than the victory that matters to me is that they have learned something, the especially tactical but also technique. What I liked about Merhawi example, it is understood that many things tactically since he arrived in March, he manages to use the land with its capabilities and to gauge his opponents. The goal is to learn to become independent. Before the third step, for example, I exposed him two schemes race and it is then up to him to decide what to do.

*Dimitri Claeys (VL Technics-Abutriek) Winner of the fourth stage of the Tour of Gold Coast and third overall final “The tactic was to attack from the start . I tried my luck at the first GPM but Merhawi Kudus (World Cycling Centre) has made the effort. Then 8 riders left. I thought the team would monitor the yellow jersey and the stage was not very attractive. So I went out against. Quentin Bernier (SCO Dijon) joined me shortly after. We fill a difference of more than one minute. It was very hard but we managed to get. I thought the overall victory, Quentin Bernier was a teammate and the gap increased to about 3 minutes. Unfortunately, in the final circuit, the agreement was not optimal and everyone was tired.

* “Rudy Vandenheede (Athletic Director VL Technics-Abutriek) “At first, I told Dimitri to try the all out. When I saw that he could not aim the yellow jersey, I told him to attack at the bridge just before the final lap. He demonstrated that he was the strongest on this stage but it was not enough to get the jersey. Merhawki Kudus (World Cycling Centre) was the strongest throughout the race and especially on the climbs

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