Missing Eritrean brothers – Mahtem and Henok disappear from Dutch asylum center

Eritrean News: ወረ ናይ እዞም ኮልዑ እንድሕር ኣለኹም – ብኽብረት ንፖልስ ናይ ሆላንድ Zuid-Limburg ሓብሩ። ተለፎን ስልክ 0031 900 8844

Young Eritrean brothers disappear from Dutch asylum center.

The Zuid-Limburg town of Gulpen is desperately searching for two Eritrean brothers who disappeared from the asylum center in the town on Saturday. 

Missing Eritrean brothers - Mahtem and Henok disappear from Dutch asylum center

Eleven year old Matheme Mulu-Hagus and his 15 year old brother Henok in the asylum center situated in the Landsrade bungalow park, where they’ve living for some time. The center houses about 250 asylum seekers. The center management reported the two missing on Saturday.

Mathema is about 1.5 meters tall, with brown hair and eyes. He was last seen wearing a red jacket, jeans and black and white Geos shoes. Henok is 1.65 meters tall and also has brown hair and eyes. He was wearing jeans, a grey shirt and a silver necklace with a cross.

“We received an official missing person report”, police spokesperson Chris Timmermans confirmed to the Telegraaf. “This is disturbing, especially because it involves such young children. We are therefore strongly invested in this investigation.”

According to him, the search is currently like looking for a needle in a haystack. “That’s why we are currently collecting as much information as possible. We are doing so by speaking with people from the asylum center and family of the missing boys. Our officers are also keeping their eyes and ears open on the street.”

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