National Vision of Eritrea – Based on the tenets of self reliance and hard work

Afshin Rattansi - Award Winning Journalist - Eritrean Embassy UK Media -Eritrean Embassy Media: Based on the tenets of self reliance and hard work, Eritrea marches on forward despite all the attempts made to demonize and destabilize it, fending off every kind of aggression directed at it. What needs to be remembered is that, each Nation’s progress is a progress to our world; and that, can only be achieved by each Nation’s own efforts and by relying on its own human and material resources. As the whole world knows, the people of Eritrea have paid a great deal to liberate their country and have been engaged in Nation Building since then and will continue to do so, no matter what it takes, because it is their birth to have a good standard of living and live in a harmonious and prosperous Nation like every human being in the world aspires to.

Watch Eritrea -The Ever Perfecting National Vision

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