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Articles of Africa and the World

How To Buy Gold Mining Stocks Right Now ( – 9 April 2010

National Emotions Handicap African Carriers ( – 28 March 2010

Africas Success Stories in Gender Empowerment (IPS Inter Press Service News Agency) – 10 March 2010

17 000km fibre-optic cable lands in KZN (iol) – 16 February 2010

Articles news from Eritrea, Eritrean

Menkerios Makes First Southern Sudan Visit ( – 9 April 2010

National Workshop On Arabic Language Education In Eritrean Schools Opens ( – 9 April 2010

Eritrea Fishery Sector: An Untapped and Renewable Gold Mine ( – 8 April 2010

Articles news from Ethiopia, Ethiopian

Seeing Green – The Economic Potential of Ecotourism ( – 30 March 2010

Addis Voice Toolbar Delivers Breaking Ethiopian News To Your Desktop ( – 29 March 2010

Ethiopia: U.S. House Hearing on U.S. Policy in Africa ( – 26 March 2010

Ethiopias Mega-dam strategy aims to boost energy 15-fold in 10 years ( – 26 March 2010

Articles news from Djibouti, Djiboutian

No bridge is too far (kippreport) – 29 March 2010

Somali traders stand to refurbish the Somali embassy in Djibouti ( – 15 March 2010

Djibouti: Is DAF a Leader Or a Warlord? (SomalilandPress) – 7 March 2010

Articles on

Articles news from Rwanda, Rwandan

President Paul Kagame has improved people?s lives at the expense of freedom (The Economist) – 4 March 2010

Kagame assures Rwanda safe after grenade blasts (Reuters) – 3 March 2010

Rwandan ex-president’s widow arrested in France (Reuters) – 2 March 2010

Articles news from Somalia, Somalian, Puntland, Somaliland

Djibouti: Is DAF a Leader Or a Warlord? (SomalilandPress) – 7 March 2010

Somalia war moves to the airwaves (Post-Bulletin) – 3 March 2010

Fighting, Shelling Kills Two, Injuries Eight Others in Mogadishu (Allafrica) – 2 March 2010

Articles news from Sudan, Sudanese

Russians Eye Opportunities in Sudanese Oil, Mining and Gold Resources (capitaleritrea) – 12 March 2010

Japan’s TTC eyes construction of Sudan-Kenya oil pipeline (Reuters Africa) – 4 March 2010

Sudanese president vows to preserve peace between north, south (People Daily Online) – 2 March 2010

Sudanese president rejects to postpone elections ( – 28 February 2010

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Video news of east Africa, Africa and World

Africa Today 50 years after the South Africa Sharpeville massacre

Press TV-Africa Today Egypt Will Elections Signal Change

New Barrier to Block African Refugees from Israel Eritrea Ethiopia Sudan

Congressman Connolly on Atrocities in East Africa Tanzania Albinism

GM – General Motors East Africa CEO – Bill Lay Kenya Ethiopia Uganda

Video news of Eritrea, Eritrean

Eritrean Actor Songwriter Video Director Yonathan Tewelde (Tantan)

Hero s welcome to Asmara after winning Tour of Libya by eastafro

Eritrea-Interview about Sanctions- Hollywood – KPFK 90.7

Scorching 58:23 World Half Marathon record by Tadese in Lisbon eastafro

Press TV-Africa Today-Are sanctions on Eritrea justified

Eritrean Buya Health Station Solar Gift of Italian Donors

Video news of Ethiopia, Ethiopian

Gashaw Tahir Plants One Million Trees For Ethiopia HOPE

Press TV-Africa Today-Is Press Freedom under Attack in Ethiopia

Band Aid Arms Controversy Ethiopian TPLF Aregawi Berhe Bob Geldof famine 1984

Eri-TV Interview with a member of EPPF leadership committee by eastafro part 1

Eri-TV Interview with a member of EPPF leadership committee by eastafro part 2

Eri-TV Interview with a member of EPPF leadership committee by eastafro part 3

Video news of Djibouti

UN – UNHCR – Somali, Somalia, Somalian Refugee Camp in Djibouti

Djibouti development: Al Noor City Djibouti and Yemen

Djiboutian blue gold Whale Sharks and diving in Djibouti

Video news of Kenya, Kenyan

Kenyan Voices Share Their Climate Message to President Barack Obama

Kenya farmers are lowest users of fertilizer – Agricultural Development

Kenyan leaders urged to return ADC land – Minister Agriculture

Video news of Rwanda

Regional health conference in Kigali, Rwanda – Discuss goal of african staates

Rwandan Genocide History Tutsis 800000 were killed in 100 days

Pastor to go on trial for Rwanda genocide 1994 – 01 Sep 09

Paul Kagame talks about Dead Aid and China

Video news of Somalia

Pirate Station Latvia illegally supplied weapons to Somalia

Pirate Station Latvia illegally supplied weapons to Somalia

Pirates of Somalia 2 – BBC Our World Documentary connect Terrorist

Video news of Sudan

Riz Khan – Sudans election crisis – North – South Sudan

SUDAN NEWS – Village Reforestation & Advancement Initiative – 2009

Sudan development: Sudanese women in Edmonton, Canada

See older video of eastafrica

Eritrean Independence day of 2009

Independence day in Ottawa, Canada

Independence day of Atlanta

Independence day of Abu Dhabi

Independence day of Rotterdam

Independence day of Amsterdam

Independence day of Sheffield

Eritrean Martyrs day 20 sene(July)

Eritrea martyrs Remembrance day – London 20 sene 2009

Eritrean Martyrs Day – Cologne Germany 2009

Martyrs day 2009 Remembrance from Eri-TV

Mealti Semaatat 20 sene 2009 – Eritrea Martyrs day

Sheffield – Eritrean Martyrs day 20 sene of 2009

Martyrs day in Frankfurt / Germany 20.June

Interview with eritrean representatives of the gouvernment in 2009

Interview with First Eritrean Secretary Embassy of the U.S. / United States – Berhane Ghebrehiwet

Interview with Ambassador of the U.S. / United States – Ghirmai Ghebremariam

Fashion show in Eritrea & abroad

Tent fashion show in Eritrea from eastafro

Hamade: Sawa fashion show

Miss valentines day

Miss Eritrea election in different countries

Winner of Miss Eritrea election 2009

Miss Eritrea 2009 Rahwa Ghebrehiwet open MIC interview

Miss east africa Rahwa Ghebrehiwet from Eritrea

Miss Eritrea World 2006 in Germany

Eritrean president: Isayas(Isaias) Aforki(Afewerki, Afwerki)

Afwerkis inspection tour of the Southern Region

President Isaias Afwerkis trip to Qatar for the Darfur peace signing

Isaias Afwerkis interview with ERI-TV January 3, 2010 (Part IV) by eastafro

Isaias Afwerkis interview with ERI-TV January 3, 2010 (Part III) by eastafro

Isaias Afwerkis interview with ERI-TV January 1, 2010 (Part II) by eastafro

Isaias Afwerkis interview with ERI-TV January 1, 2010 (Part I) by eastafro

Isaias Afwerkis Interview with several Russian Journalists

PIA Anseba Region Tour, Town Hall Meeting and Sawa Speech

President Isaias Afwerki?s interview on the 30th Anniversary Of the NCEW

UN Food Aid, Christian Religion, Supporting Terrorist interview

Eritrean President Isaias Afwerkis Gash-Barka Inspection Tour (August 15-17, 2009)

Deutsche Welle interview with Isaias Afwerki

Financial Times interview with Isaias Afwerki

Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki?s interview with Channel 4 Television London

Eritrean president Isaias tours Ali-Gedir, Golij and Tesenei

Interview of business week China with president Issayas Aforki

Eritrea-Asmara: Interview of PIA in Tigrigna

Bussiness Focus of President Issais – 2007

CIA – Center of Intelligence Agency blame Eritrea on support terrorist

Interview of President Isaias Afeworki Part 3

Interview of 2008 independence day pia part 1

Interview of 2008 independence day pia part 2

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