Patriarch gives benediction in connection with Kidus Yohannes celebrations

Eritrean Religious News:

His Holiness Abune Dioskoros, 4th Patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church, gave benediction in connection with Kidus Yohannes celebrations.
The Patriarch wished the faithful happy Kidus Yohannes celebrations, and called on them to celebrate the Day through sharing with the needy and the orphaned, and demonstrate hard work in a spirit of love and compassion.
His Holiness Abune Dioskoros wished all a peaceful year in addition to extending prayer for patients suffering from various types of disease, as well as bumper harvest for all concerned.

In related news, Kidus Yohanes religious holiday was celebrated
Reports indicated that the construction of new hospital in Senafe town funded by the Government is nearing finalization.
Among workers of the project, Ms. Salha Ibrahim and Mr. Kidane
In a meeting they conducted on September 4, dairy farmers in Mendefera and its environs expressed that they would play due role to satisfy market demand through boosting milk production.
In a speech he conducted, Mr. Tekeste, chairperson of the association, said that the program to motivate every farmer to cultivate green animal feed had a big role in boosting milk production and that the association is cultivating green animal feed on more than 100 hectares of land in Hazemo, Tera-Emni, Adi-Ada and in Sheka-Wedibsirat.
Mr. Asefaw Eyasu, head of Ministry of Agriculture branch in the sub-zone, indicated that the Government has finalized preparation to provide the association with milk processing
through different activities at national level yesterday 11th of September 2012.
A celebration at Abune-Ambes Monastery in Senafe sub-zone that was organized at national level in collaboration with the Ministry of information and the Southern Region Administration featured different cultural performances depicting the religious event. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Berhane Mengesha, Administrator of Senafe sub-zone, wished happy Kidus Yohanes celebrations to citizens inside the country and abroad, as well as EDF members, and pointed out that such events play significant role as regards depicting the prevailing unity of the Eritrean people.
Among the participants, Ms. Hawa Abdu, Mr. Girmai Haile and Rev. Ogba Gebregziabher explained that the cultural shows staged in connection with the celebrations assure that the young generation has kept intact the culture. The fact that the holiday is being celebrated in a season when commendable rainfall has been registered is of double fold joy, they added.
Cultural shows by the Southern Region Cultural Troupe added color to the event, according to reports.

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