Pillars Of Effective Eritrean Youth: Their Aspects

Eritrean news: In this time of great challenges where all eyes are on youth for good or bad, many facts and view have been given time and again to explain what constitutes an effective youth. As it is crystal clear, it will be to no avail to try to articulate about the essentiality of having an effective youth. But what constitutes this effectiveness?

These, very briefly, are some of the different aspects of the important issues that have to be heeded by all our youth.
Knowledge: the other aspects -There are some views worth repeating again when talking about knowledge. The first one is knowing that there are many source of knowledge beside the formal education that we get in schools. One of these is the
notion of collective knowledge based on culture and tradition of our society. As the base for any development be it personal or national is change (progress) and
continuity, the knowledge of one’s history, tradition, and culture is indispensable. Otherwise we will have to start everything from scratch, which will be virtually
impossible and we will eventually be lost.
-Knowledge should also be directed toward collective benefit and betterment without which development will not have a complete meaning. The youth should coordinate their knowledge in order to help one another and know that others’
benefit will positively affect one’s own. Thus this made the need to work together of great benefit and essential. Needless to say the divide in the world nowadays is
increasingly becoming between those with knowledge and those without. The good thing however, is that the fact that knowledge is available everywhere and there
has never been a time where there are an abundant ways of acquiring it. On the other hand it is becoming hard to cope up with the advancement of the world and
hence knowledge that it made the wise and effective utilization of time utterly necessary. That’s why the youth need to be time conscious and should take note of where and how they spent their time. There should be limit to the amount of
time we spent in unimportant indulgence and we should daily ask what we benefited from that day.
– Learn to celebrate failures instead of becoming discouraged as a result of them. Failing once means that you will not fail in the same endeavor again. That’s what
makes experience a past failure for it is nothing but the knowledge you acquire through failed events of the past. So instead of wasting precious time reciting our regrets and faults, we should try to make every experience educational.
-Finally let’s not forget that we are living in a selfish world where you are needed as long as you have something someone wants whose recipe is knowledge.
And such kind of people who are always in search of this priceless commodity and excellence are the one who change themselves, their nation and as a result the
world. So begin, wherever you are, to search for knowledge and avoid the notion of “waiting for the right time” which seems to cripple many youth to the point
of impotence, as you might be waiting forever. Avoid any pretext and just be knowledgeable.
Health Survival is the single most occupying concerns of humans ever. Thanks to scientific achievements and breakthroughs most lethal diseases that used to
pose great threats to humanity has been put under control. And it might spark a sarcastic smile to think that minor diseases used to claim thousands of lives. In this respect we might consider ourselves as lucky. As there is always a big challenge to any generation at any stage of humanity’s history however, we also have big troubling issues that need to be dealt with until they too cease to
be troubling no more. As far as health is concerned the biggest challenge especially to the youth is the infamous HIV/AIDS. What makes this particular disease have
unprecedented effect is the fact that it claims the lives of the creams of societies, the youth. Hence it is a matter of strategic importance to every nation. A successful youth nowadays therefore needs to take utmost care at all time not to fail victim to this disease. Ultimately we are all going to die, but what makes humans different and give meaning to their existence is their ability to dream and change things. The future is the dreams of youth and hence depend on their not only survival but also the ability to fulfill those dreams. From personal or communal point of view the only measure for an effective youth is the ability to dream and their fulfillment, which will require the safeguarding of our lives. Hence, it needs no
further explanation and it is self evident that the meaning of our lives depend on Abstinence, Being Faithful, and using Condom if need be. Time As mentioned above in today’s world, the effective use of time constitutes one of the secrets for all the accomplishment we are witnessing. This point has been mentioned in many occasions and for many purposes to the point of making it a cliché. This most
of the time tries to address the present. But an effective youth requires not only the utilization of time in the present but also learning from the past and hope
and plan for the future. More than knowing one’s history in order to better understand the present, we can also learn from experiences on the challenges of life and be better equipped. Learning from past achievements and strong ideas
can also put our commitment to a whole new perspective. We should not forget that there are no new challenges in life; there is just a different form of them. As youths the future holds more stake in our life and so it is natural that we should be more concerned about the future. But this is not a subject that can be secluded from the past or the present as it depends on the accumulation of knowledge
from the past experience and the effective use of the present. Attitude Everything that we do depends on our attitude. To come and think of it there is no such thing
as a big challenge, because there is no standard as to decide their size. Indeed we have seen people achieving or overcoming unimaginable challenges while others struggle with minor tests. That’s why people’s definition of problems differs from person to person or from place to place. This is to say that it’s all in our attitude
to make anything as big or as little. It is a forgone conclusion that as youth we will be confronting with many challenges and trying times and there is always two options.
We can either submit to those challenges or put our attitude in to perspective and search for means and ways to overcome it and prevail triumphant. And remember hope and determination are divine quality and the wise always takes the positive attitude by hoping for the best and by actually setting out to achieve.
All the achievers in our world are people of this quality and this is what differentiate them from others and lifts them to the top.

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