Program of 40th Anniversary of Eritrean Festival in Bologna

By National Union of Eritrean Woman – Sweden,

As you are all aware during the weekend of 4th- 6th July 2014, we are organizing a major historical event to celebrate the 40th year anniversary of the commencement of the hugely influential Festival that was held in the city of Bologna since 1974 during the struggle for independence of Eritrea.

The 3 days festival in Bologna will be a platform for Eritreans in the diaspora to remember and celebrate – the unique memories of Bologna Festival and the role it played in unifying our resolve and commitment for our nation; and to continue to renew the new generation Eritrean youth role in shouldering its responsibilities.

To remember the nostalgic memories of Bologna Festival and the role it played in unifying Eritrean resolve and commitment to their nation.

Eritrean 40th Anniversary of Festival Bologna in Italy

The Festival will host scores of seminars, lectures, musical shows, drama, comedy, poems, sport competitions, Bazar that will reflect the theme of the festival.

The organizing committee of the Festival Bologna 2014 has completed all major preparations with venue and necessary infrastructure required for the festival to finalize the final stages of the planning, secured hotels, camping sites caravan sites in preparation to host thousands of Eritreans and friends of Eritrea, during the festival weekend.

Subsequent communication will be made using all Eritrean media outlets with updates on the festival.

For more information; visit our website –

We will have 4 Stages that will include 82 Artists from different parts of the world.
1. “Bologna Memorial Concert” – “MeQalh Bologna” Sounds of three Generations will reflect Bologna Music Hits. This will be a historic gathering of Legend artist, who are coming together from Europe, Middle East and Eritrea.

2.”EriArtista” – among the many productions that will be on display in Bologna this year will be a musical collaboration by Eritrea’s International artists. This production which will showcase the real talents and diversity of Eritrea young artists born in diaspora.

3. “EriSpora” – will bring together the generations of singers, who have mesmerized thousands with their music, and who have left an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of both Eritreans and non-Eritreans, over the years.

4. “Modern & Popular Folkloric” – Pure Guayla and will bring the connection of 2 generations line-up.

The Opening ceremony will be covered by the Press and will be broadcast world – wide via EriTV satellite’s, expect as well interviews with Radio, National News Papers.

Opening Ceremony; Friday 04th July 2014 at 10:00 a.m. LIVE broadcast via ERI.TV world wide. Closing Ceremony; Sunday evening 6th July 2014.
Basic Framework of Bologna 40th Anniversary

Exhibitions / Bologna Museum
Youth Pavilion
Seminars, Panel discussions and paper presentations
Live Concerts in 4 Stages
Cultural shows
Modern cultural performances
A traditional show

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