(RIP to the 244 deaths) German Police Arrested 11 Member of an Global Human Trafficking Ring

German Police arrest Human Trafficking Gang Responsible for at least 244 deaths


Eritrean News: (Google Software Translation) International investigators have arrested an alleged smuggling gang. The eleven men to be responsible for the deaths of about 300 boat people. A find the police also shows the ruthlessness of the ring.

Tilmann Kleinjung, ARD Radio Studio Rome

The men are from Eritrea and should be part of a major smuggling ring brings the refugees from Africa to Europe. Half of all sailing from Libyan coasts to Italy organized by criminal network, not always with a happy ending: the eleven arrested smugglers is also the death of about 300 boat people accused of the case of two accidents in May and June last year before Libyan coast drowned.

  The smuggling activity is not only to transport in overloaded, barely ocean-going vessels. The traffickers are active in various African and European countries and organize according to the police and the further transport of refugees after landing in Italy.

A suspect – apparently a leading figure in the smuggling ring was arrested in Germany. He shall be responsible under the Federal Police for a crossing where in June this year killed up to 244 Africans.

Polizei hebt Schleuserring aus
T. Kleinjung, ARD Rom
03.12.2014 16:05 Uhr


Source: tagesschau.de

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