Selling Ethio Land or Humans to Saudis & Co., but reject to leave Eritrean Territory?

Ethiopia - Eritrea Border

No Peace – No War: One thing is wondering me, why the Ethiopian current government sell so much land and humans to Saudis and Co., but denying to leave Eritrean Territory along the border between Eritrea and (Tigray and Afar Regions) Ethiopia. Let’s imagine peace would be exist between Eritrea and Ethiopia, the best thing what could happen for the “Economy and Citizen of the countries in that area”. The problem here is the Ethiopian current Government needs an permission by the US Government, because without USA to decide is not good act for the Ethiopian Government. Most African countries were colonized during the last century, but now their is a new form of Colonization its called Imperialism.

Definition of Imperialism: The policy of extending a nation’s authority by territorial acquisition or by the establishment of economic and political hegemony over other nations.

Eritrean Territory occupied by Ethiopian Government

Everyone can see that the land which is occupied by Ethiopian Soldiers is so small, so why “Ethiopian Government” is selling more land(and humans) to Saudis and Co. than occupied Eritrean Territory. The reason for that could be, that the land which is sold is from Ethiopian area’s like Gambella, Oromo, Amhara, Ogadenis(Somalis) and other tribes or ethnic of Ethiopia.

How Ethiopian Former PM Meles treated Saudi Arabia

How Ethiopian Former PM Meles treated Saudi Arabia

How Saudis treating Ethiopians Male or Females! You must be over +18

Promo Video of Ethiopian Government selling to Saudis & Co.

  • Indian Man: “My land in Ethiopia is bigger than my village in India”

  • Arab Man: “Price is so low, it is a steal”

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