Semi Urban Town Of Serha Looks Forth Bright Horizon

Eritrean news: The town of Serha is found in the southern section of the country; near the Sub-zone of Senafe, a small town with deep and rich history. Since the town is located in the border area with Ethiopia it had been a busy trading line and route. The town used to be rendered as port land and hosted many trading exchanges. Serha was an active town, full of life and lively activities, big trucks and their movement filled the town. However, during the war with the TPLF regime this town has changed into a barren land all the constructions; hospital, schools, administrative offices, and many more homes were destroyed. The inhabitants of Serha demobilized into free war zones places. Currently, the inhabitants of Serha are around 3000.

Today the inhabitants of the town have rolled up their sleeves to reconstruct their homes as well as their villages. The government and
the inhabitants of Serha living inside the country and abroad are working together to rebuild the town of Serha. The inhabitants are returning back to their respective places even though it is difficult to live your daily life near the trenches; however the people of Serha are determined to ignore every thing and lead their daily routine peacefully. They have constructs the basic social services and are restoring the life vein of the town. The active engagement of the people in their daily life routine belittles the efforts of the enemy’s several attempts to destroy the town and one couldn’t help but wonder at the strength, unity and patriotism of the inhabitants who are so indifferent to the trenches of the enemy within the few kilometres of the distance.

The destructions you observed in the area are the legacy of the war and you can’t stop imagining how this war is retaining back the progress of the town and the country at large. The peoples’ lives depend on trade Kebede Tesfamichael and agriculture. It is obvious that the future of this town will extremely depend on trade since it is located in a strategically important location that connects the sea and in-land trade. Administrator of Serha Mr.Kebede Tesfamichael said that
the town of Serha has no big land for the use of the agriculture and
because of urbanization the land is lessening hence these peoples lives
will surely be depend on trade.
Mr. Kebede further explained that there were hospital and school
however during the invasion all the construction were destroyed. The
people of Serha are reconstructing the schools now. There is a plan to
construct a hospital but because of different reasons it is delayed for
the time being. He said, “We have a problem of hospital, the health
professionals are currently working inside a vacant room which is not
suitable for any medical treatment. The staffs of the health cares are
treating their patients almost in an open area therefore we have
such kinds of problems which we will have to deal with in the near
There is efficient potable water line for the inhabitants of Serha,
Kokobay, Mai tseadea and Embabe dehane. The main source of the
water comes from a dam and with the help of motors reaches these
towns and villages explained the administrator of Serha.
He further said, “even though there are around 12 private buses to
transport humans and goods from here to there but their service is not
adequate yet. Firstly, the price is not fair and secondly the drivers do not care to give services to their buses thus the respective organization have to work very hard in identifying and resolving such problems before they create a great catastrophe.” He mentioned that different crops as Sorghum, Wheat, Taff and different cereals are sown in this area in a great quantity. “The rainfall in this summer was in a good condition though we have a small scale of land allocated for the use of agriculture,” said Mr. Kebede The people’s awareness and
responsibility in sending their children to school is enhancing each
day. The students of Serha had only junior school and have to travel to
the near semi urban cities of Senafe and Adi keyeh to further their
secondary level. However, some of them especially the girls are forced
to stop their education because of the distance and in some cases due
to ill-disciplined behaviors. The question of electricity in the town
Serha is also a big concern; there is no electricity in the area hence
the students are facing an obstacle to keep abreast to the modern
technology; computer, underlined the administrator.
Town of Serha is in need of various kinds of social services thus the respective organizations have to work hard in developing and supplying the materials needed especially in the sector of health much awaits to be done.

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