The big day for Abrar O. – Amanuel M. and T/mariam Medhin

Eritrean sport news: Tomorrow we will have the 5000m first round at 10:45 (UK time) and we have three athletes… Abrar Osman Adem, Amanuel Mesel, Teklemariam Medhin…
Our runners Personal Best time ranges in the mark of 13:16 which is high compared to the likes of Mo Farrah who has personal best time of 12:53. But this is the Olympic where the personal best and world records are broken. On round one we have Tekle Medhin and Amanuel Mesel who will be facing Mo Farrah and Kenyan Koech Isiah Kiplangat and on second heat we have Osman Abrar who will be facing Ugandan Kipsiro and Ethiopian Gebremeskek. The Ethiopian has the season personal best as well as the field best time with 12:46…. Osman is only 18, but he is lightening in the final laps and as long as he holds with front pack to final stage he has got a chance to achieve something great…. But first they need to through the first round.
The format is not clear, but it is believed the first three go through from the two heats with additional two fastest losers making up the final only 8 competitors (this is not confirmed as the guidelines are not clear)… Lets hope we can get two to the final with one being Osman….

Source: Facebook Group We are all Isaias Afewerki – Selam Gezai

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