The dream of Europe ends in the Saharan desert

African news: Many people think the life in europe is easy, some of them are political discriminated. But the most part of the asylum seeker are economical refugee, to make a lot of money in europe. The realisitic seems not like that “No money comes from the Wall” – “You get social welfare” – “You must work hard to get a few dollar or euro – $ or €” – “If you come to europe under this circumstances you could get depression or feel unsatisfied” – “If people say go to europe from sudan – think about it what kind of benefit they got from you”.
The dream of nigerian, somalian, eritrean, ethiopian, sudanese and many other which try to go to europe and sometimes in the desert. Africans in the diaspora behaviour in their own country is sometimes not correct cleaning making dirty jobs and symbolize with the hard currency of europe as an big business man is not correct.

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