The Eritrean Golf Player – Robel Woldegabriel

The Eritrean Golf Player - Robel Weldegabriel
The Eritrean Golf Player – Robel Weldegabriel

Eritrean Sport News: It is very interesting to find an Eritrean Golf Player. I hope he will beat one day in a Golf Tournament “Tiger Woods”.

Short Bio about Robel Weldegabriel in his own words:

Eritrean Golf Player Robel Woldagabriel from Orlando,FL ,I was originally born in Asmera, Eritrean and I came to united state at age 12 and I am 18 years old now.
I’ve been playing golf for almost 3 years and half and I picked up the game really fast and won many tournaments. I played 3 years in my high school golf team and became the MVP of my golf team.

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