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Breaking News: The real possibility of Zenawi dying from blood cancer and a state of shock and fear ripping through the weyane ruling circles

African news:
As you know, Meles Zenawi’s days are numbered. His death from blood cancer is becoming more certain day by day. Meles Zenawi’s days are numbered. His death from blood cancer is becoming more certain day by day. He will soon face will soon face

his Maker as soon as he steps into eternity. Then, Zenawi is also going to face the music. With no agazi nor federal police behind him. It is going to be one on one with the almighty God. Is he ready for his answer?

As a result, shock and terror is ripping through the ruling Weyane circles especially among those on high profile positions of power in the TPLF hierarchy. It has been reported that quite of a few of them are preparing for the worst scenario of an uprising after Zenawi’s death. Many are already in a rush sending their money overseas in hard currency to the United States, London, and Indonesia. According to reliable sources, exit strategies for families and friends of the ruling weyane circles are already on the works for the last three or four weeks. Some are even selling a few of their properties and investments.

Sources are further saying that the right hand man of Zenawi in the army, Chief of Staff Samora Yunus, is secretly planning a military cudeta to take over the TPLF government after Zenawi’s death. On the other hand, Berhane Gebrekristos, Sibhat Nega and Bereket Simon are also conspiring to get rid of Azeb Mesfin and General Samora Yunus. The latest update indicates that Abay Teshaye is not among the trio as previously reported. According to these sources, the Berhane-Sibhat-Bereket trio are also mobilizing forces within the air force and from the TPLF mechanized brigades to contain a possible military take over vis a vis General Samora et al.

The million dollar question now is whether the opposition is ready to meet the challenge. Are forces of democracy up to the job in case of chaos after Zenawi’s death? Or are we going to witness another surprise for a third time where an unknown group or individual stealing and usurping power? Or are we going to see the all new TPLF in the form of General Samora Yunus and Azeb Mesfin in Arat Kilo Palace ?Or are the TPLF trio, Berhane Gebrekristos, Sibhat Nega,and Berket Simon going to be back to the pinnacle of power? It remains to be seen how the forces of democracy are going to handle this coming fluid and volatile situation in the making.

In the meantime, the weyane ruling circles in positions of power at different levels of the government are working furiously preparing for the great escape. They are in a panic mode ready to spring at any moment. Are they going to make it alive and safe out of Ethiopia? Time will tell. Stay tuned as this breaking news is unfolding.



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