The specific problems of Eritreans in Germany(Diaspora)

Eritrean event: 17.5. 2014 seminar in düsseldorf germany against the assimilation of the eritrean youth in the diaspora

one of the most important topics for all eritrean all over the world

following topics will be discussed: family problems, loss of our bahli, loss of tegrinja,problems of identification, drug issues, juvenile delinquency,problems of integration, social contraints and many more……

improving a better realtionship between men and women and parents

The specific problems of Eritreans in Germany - Diaspora

the youth in germany is facing that issues and we are spreading it all over the world that many other countries have to think about that and keep fighting against the assimilation

nothing is more important than is own identity !

trying to establish a better future for the next generation

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