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Eritrean youth news: The youth are the dynamic force of change in every corner of the globe. It’s the youth that principally crave to get hands on something different that would in effect serve the respective society or the entire world. Many more inventions and innovations are by the same token being achieved to help develop their country and improve the living standards of their people. Thus, one can say that the youth are the pivotal dynamos for the development of their respective nations. Such a hallmark of the youth that existed since centuries ago will remain forever as if it were a natural low handed down for generations. The youth are trying their utmost to dig deeply until they attain some thing valuable and praise-meriting. They have been attempting to bring some thing crucial starting from nothing. In keeping with this global fact, Eritrean youths have been partaking in the national development ventures since day one of independence in a bid to guarantee an everlasting success. The Eritrean youths apparently believed that a lasting reward would only come through working together, as well as exchanging ideas and assessing the undertakings. It is then that Eritrea would take due pride of the registered enduring success. Goitom Hayle is an exemplary Eritrean environmentalist. He has worked as a teacher for many years in the Central Region. Currently, he is working to preserve environment in the Warsay-Yikealo Senior Secondary School at Sawa. Some schools in the central region are now cases in point for planting and cultivating the seedlings. During his 13-years career as a teacher, he has managed to accomplish a great deal in organizing the students to plant seedlings in their respective schools. Also, through his personal initiative, he has worked to build in collaboration with the schools football, volley ball and basket ball fields in those schools that none had any of them. Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Education, Department of Environment and local administrations are thus far the stakeholders. And hence, he is certified for his achievements and his personal initiatives. “For me,” says Goitom, “happiness and satisfaction come only from the real things. I don’t get carried away by the artificial plants in my home or in any other places, and no contentment is gained from it. Happiness, therefore, comes from a genuine work, from a plant that sprouts and proves its growth regularly, from a plant that prevents the ecosystem. Such is the plant that gives me satisfaction. Hence, planting trees for me is getting an actual sense in it,” says Goitom. Many children who grew up in the major towns and cities have failed to grasp the real significance of trees that are planted in their surroundings. He says that he mainly promotes children in schools for he believed that schools are the most favorable setting to digest the ecological impact of trees. When the students first planted seedlings and observed their growth daily, and when through time they sit together under their shades, it was then that they became more interested to take part in planting. Goitom further said, “When I was a student, my teacher used to set us to plant trees within and outside the compound. We used to go to the hills with our teacher so as to water the plants that we planted; it rose competition among us with a view to emulating the best ones. We were too happy to witness the growth of the plants. I developed a unique outlook towards planting trees ever since. I can say that my teacher is the role model for the present-day me. The areas where we planted seedlings are now covered with trees of which we feel so proud any moment we pass by it.” Goitom spends his leisure time by planting trees. Having realized the shortcomings of the schools that he was assigned to. He became determined to bring about a concrete change on the ground through his unremitting effort. In 1997, when he was assigned to the Serejeka administrative area, he initiated an idea for the making of fields for basketball, volleyball and football to meet the basic needs of the students. Accordingly, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the administrations of the administrative area, the field was made and granting the students opportunity to run and play in the fields to their heart’s content. Likewise, he organized the students to plant trees and around one thousand seedlings were planted. After that, with a continuous protection the trees grew rapidly to later provide shelters in their shades, thereby adding beauty to the school as well. Assigned to the Gala-Nefhi in 2000, even there he accomplished a lot of important achievements in the sports fields of the school. In 2001, he took the initiative to renew the sports fields in the Bahti Meskerem School with the help of the school director – the fields that were out of use due to a number of reasons. As a result, the students are now able to make use of the sports fields as per their tendencies. Furthermore, in the academic year 2002-2003 in the Emba Tekera primary school, as part of his studies in discovering the inadequacies of the schools and giving immediate responses, he renovated the sports fields. More than 400 seedlings were distributed among the students to take care of the plants as their own partners. And Goitom has been toiling to preserve the plants everyday as his own child. Besides, he organized the sixth grade students of Hadnet Middle School to deal with four hundred seedlings. Each student had to carry one seedling and a bucketful of water for the short visit to Emba Tekera School. There, each Hadnet School’s student presented the seedling with the bucketful of water to a peer at the Emba Tekera School. The giver of the seedling said, “I am giving you this seedling to plant and protect it each day. You have to be serious and I will come next year to check on this plant.” The recipient on his part pledges, “I promise to tend this plant.” Then, the student, after receiving the seedling, plants it in the presence of the giver. The reason behind doing such a noble work is crystal clear; it is just to invoke responsiveness about ecosystem in the minds of the students. As such, similar gestures were taken in the Harnet School. Almost in every school where Goitom’s foot is set, evidently there is an initiative in bringing about new things or refurbishing what was forgotten. Cleverly enough, he has good sense in picking and understanding the fl aws of the schools. “There was nothing that hinders my work. However, the students made me wait them for long hours and sometimes they totally forgot they had an appointment with me. Obviously, I was kind of irritated sometimes for making me wait idle. There are some people who don’t understand why I am doing these things, and they keep wandering sometimes asking ‘why are you doing such things without any return?’ Nevertheless, for me what matters is the aesthetics and the well-being of the ecology of the schools as well as the surroundings,” says Goitom. Eritrean youth since the days of the armed struggle for independence have been striving relentlessly by keeping their interests aside. They all have been participating in all development programs. Therefore, even now a lot of things have to be done in order to bequeath this genuine tradition for generations to come.

Goitom Hayle
Goitom Hayle

Goitom was assigned to the Warsay-Yikealo School at Sawa in the year 2008-2009. While working as a manager of the Green Club in order to raise the awareness of the students about environment, he has tried something new. In an attempt to enhance the participation of the students and to promote their responsiveness about global warming, he organized the students to make them conduct debating programs and present discourses as regards the cause-effect and solutions of global warming, as well as Eritrea’s stance in preserving the environment. The debating and presentations they held featured the students’ consciousness on top of the lectures delivered to them with a view to enhancing their perspectives about environment.

Source: Eritrean Profile Newspaper – Author: Rahel Asgodom

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