Three Eritrean superstars shine while the Red Sea boys make a come back

Eritrean Football Player Joel Gerezgiher
Eritrean Sport News: In three large cities 2 in Europe and one in Australia Eritrean soccer players seem to be shining like the bisha gold coming in large quantities these days. Let us start of with veteran Henok Goitom who is having an outstanding season in the Swedish Premier league with AIK Stockholm. He leads the league in scoring along with another player with 13 goals so far as he has been scoring goal after goal in the past few weeks. Henok like wine seems to be getting better with age as he is even now being touted to represent the Swedish National Team which is gearing up for the European cup taking place in 2016. Henok has electrified the fans and has AIK competing at the highest level.

Eritrean Athlete Henok Goitom scores 5 goals

Meanwhile a new comer to the German Bundesliga with Entracht Frankfurt one of the more popular teams in the 5th biggest city in Germany Joel Gerezgiher seems to be comfortable with his play in the pre-season so far scoring a couple of times while also contributing to his team’s success. Let us look for this young man as he makes his debut with Frankfurt’s A team this season. He has lots of potential and can be another international Eritrean star in the very near future.

In the land down under Gol Gol Mebrhatu is back from a major injury and has made his home in Sydney the largest city in Australia. Gol Gol is playing with the Western Sydney Wanderers and already has registered a goal in his debut with his new team. Gol Gol seems to be 100% ready to start shining in the league down under. If he does not get injured chances are he will be a great player with potential to score lots of goals. See link below.

In Eritrea the national team otherwise known as the Red Sea Boys will be getting ready to face Botswana from the southern Africa region in a home and away match for qualification to the 2018 world cup that will take place in Russia. While the Eritrean premier league has been reformed this time we hope to see players will be chosen from different regions of the country where there is way too much talent. In a recent Jeopardy answer the “RED SEA” boys were featured as an answer from Alex Trebek and the contestant answered the question by saying “Who are the Eritreans?” Games are scheduled for early October startin on the 5th and second game on the 13th. This would be the first round.

With Eritrean cyclists showing the world that Eritrea deserves to be on top during the Tour De France, it is also time for the world cup of cycling taking place in Richmond Virginia as the UCI will hold it’s biggest international event starting on September 17th, 2015.

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