Tourism Minister conducts tour in Northern Red Sea region |

A group comprising of department heads and experts headed by the Minister of Tourism, Ms. Askalu Menkerios, conducted a tour in the Northern Red Sea region to observe the historical sites and ancient artifacts, as well as preserving and utilizing such resources for the benefit of the people.

Ms. Askalu explained that there exist a number of significant and virgin artifacts and historical sites in the nation in general and the Northern Red Sea region in particular that call for profound study and research. She further stressed the need for taking concerted action towards exploring and harnessing these potentials, and thereby preserving and bequeathing them to future generations.

Likewise, the regional Administrator, Ms. Tsegereda Woldegergish, stated that exerting coordinated endeavors on the part of experts and heads in various sectors has a vital role to play in the preservation of artifacts and promotion of domestic tourism. She expressed the readiness of the regional Administration to put into effect the recommendations and opinions put forth towards preserving and popularizing the existing rich historical sites and artifacts.

In the course of the tour, the group visited various places, including Wengebo, Buya, Abdur, Fatma Bay, Gibd, Genfero, Delami Island, Genferon, Hariena Island, an ancient wall in Irafaile, the ancient Adulis port, Adulis-Zula bay, ancient mosques in Massawa, Sheik Seid Island, She’ib Patriots Cemetery, Mai-Wui and the Semenawi Bahri green belt. They also received briefings by experts and inhabitants of the respective areas.

One of the visitors, Mr. Nirayo Bahre said that the visit has created for him conducive ground to write about Eritrean history, and that the awareness of the local inhabitants regarding the preservation of artifacts is admirable.

Still another visitor, Mr. Michael Asefaw, who is an instructor in the College of Arts and Social Science, highly appraised the breathtaking landscape and artifacts.

The members of the group were from the ministries of foreign affairs, information, tourism, the Eritrean National Museum, the PFDJ Research and Documentation Center, the PFDJ Cultural Affairs Bureau, the Eritrean Police, and the College of Arts and Social Science.Eritrean Tourism ministerEritrean Tourism minister

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