Tripartite Labor Relations Critical – Securing Sustainable Economy

Eritrean news: Asmara, 10 October 2010- The Minister of Labor and Human Welfare (MLHW), Ms. Selma Hassen said that tripartite labor relations are critical for securing sustainable economy as well as balancing new developments. The Minister made these remarks in the meeting held with employees and employers, as well as government bodies last Friday.

During the meeting that was organized by the MLHW and the National Confederation of Eritrean Workers (NCEW), Ms. Selma stated that such social discussions are an opportunity where three sides confer in a cooperative sprit and evaluate current situations. The inherent culture of mutual respect in the Eritrean society has enabled for cooperative developments and relations, she added.

Indicating that in addition to the nation-wide development endeavors, the Government continues to exert strenuous efforts to subsidize food and other consumer goods to alleviate temporarily problems, Ms. Selma said that hard work is required so as to foil enemy ploys and secure economic emancipation.

The Secretary of the NCEW, Mr. Tekeste Bairu, as well as the Chairman of the confederation, Mr. Yemane Tesfay on their part stated that social discussion as a concept is quite diverse and thus cannot be fully explored in one afternoon. “We need to strive to boost the national economy in a manner that respects worker’s rights and promotes work ethics,” they added.

The participants of the meeting deliberated on issues such as the significance of social discussion, labor related problems and how to solve them, tripartite cooperation and other relevant issues.


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