US plans to have troops all over Africa and critic on the deadly US drones

US plans to have troops all over Africa

The United States has no plan to halt its illegal drone attacks. Washington has expanded its drone bases through Africa.

Future of deadly US drones hangs in the balance
Critics have long criticized the Obama administration’s drone program as being overreaching, too secretive, and overly deadly. Now the president may shift drone operations from the Central Intelligence Agency to the US Dept. of Defense.

For years, the CIA has been using unmanned aircraft to target suspected militants – first under former President George W. Bush and then under President Obama. A CIA drone was used in Yemen to kill an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki. US officials said he was a key operative in Al-Qaeda.

With this ruling in place and a possible move to the Defense Department, the drone program and its procedures could be tracked and held more accountable from computer records.

Top officials say if the decision is made to change the oversight of operations, it would be based on an individual basis for each country–leaving the indication that some drones still might remain covert and under the radar of observant Americans.

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