(VOA Audio) On President Isaias & PM Hailemariam

(VOA Audio) On President Isaias & PM Hailemariam

The following is VOA’s audio presentation on President Isaias Afewerki’s and Ethiopia’s PM Hailemariam position on peace between both countries. For those that entertained the possibility of some change in policy or peace, with the passing of Meles Zenawi, this ought to put the last nail in this coffin. PM Hailemariam is turning out to be just as belligerent as his former Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi.

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Vittorio Silvestri
January 5, 2013

It is not up to him. It is up to the US.
It has always been up to the USofA, Since the end of WW2. The only time the US could not do anything about the events was when, due to the collapse of the USSR and Menghistu not being able to have support anymore from that block, the EPLF had the opportunity to turn things around and get Eritrea claim independence, a fact that could not be denied anymore in view of the events on the ground.

Although the US had to play along with those unexpected event, they managed to create another one with the help of Zenawi in 1998, ending up in a war and a subsequent stalemate at the border with a “no-war no-peace” situation that serve well to the interests of the US.

It is imperative to remember that all agreements are signed, all findings are on paper. A binding agreement is in place that need no further acts apart implementation, a step that only Ethiopia with the silent support of the US is not applying .

Ethiopia is owned by the US. They direct all orders in regards to aid, military and monetary help to Ethiopia, directly or indirectly.
Ethiopia cannot refuse to do certain things the US is asking them to do, penalty complete collapse and “a Somalia kind situation”.

The only way for Ethiopia starting to make it’s own policies in regards to the region is to be free of the monetary grip the US is keeping them on.

Something that will never happen!

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