Washington – Wisconsin – Revolution Protest in USA

World news: Welcome to the fake democracy – Washington State Workers rally in the rotunda in Olympia in solidarity with the workers in Wisconsin. We have our own collective bargaining issues here, but we recognize that Wisconsin stands directly in the fire of Republican operatives who want to dismantle the rights of working people to have a voice in the workplace. We will not let this happen. We all live in Wisconsin!

MSNBC: Should the Government Pay Bankers More Than Teachers

American Revolution 2011 – Big Protest in USA

Solidarity Rally for Wisconsin Workers — Boston, MA Feb 22, 2011

Santa Fe Stands with Wisconsin

New Yorkers Take to the Streets to Support Wisconsin Workers

GOP Trying To Destroy Middle Class – Senator Sanders w/ Cenk

Washington State Solidarity Rally for Wisconsin

Wisconsin Democrats remain in hiding

Inside the Wisconsin protests – American Revolution 2011

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