“We arrive in Italy” – Documentation of Eritrean – Somalian and Ethiopian Immigrants

Documentation about the journey from Eritrea – Ethiopia and Somalia to Libya and the arriving in Italy. Languages in Italy as Subtitle Amharic, Somali and Tigrigna. Abdikadir, Abdirahman, Abu Kurke, Bekit Saleh Okud, Ermias Berhane, Foowis, Gedey Bahlbi, Jemal Mohammed Omer, Omer Ibrahim, Naher Kahsay,
Nathael Tedros, Roman Amore, Semere Kahsay, Shishay Tesfay, Tedros Ojbay, Tsige Geberemariam, Yoel Tedros.

We arrive in Italy - Documentation - Somalian - Eritrean - Ethiopian

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