What Washington wants exactly from Eritrea?

Eritrean news: A number of Eritrean nationals said that the statement made by the US representative in Eritrea saying that ‘Washington should resort to a campaign of recruiting students and youths through the funding of NGOs, religious organizations and the like, as the hostilities weaved against Eritrea have failed to succeed.’ In this connection, the nationals pointed out that the scheme issued by the US representative in Eritrea in a futile attempt of ‘recruiting Eritrean nationals abroad’ reflects daydream of the Administration.

Eritrea Never Kneel Down
The nationals told ERINA that the campaign being waged by the representatives of the US Administration to block the financial assistance extended to martyrs’ families on the part of Eritreans in the Diaspora and trying to foment division along the lines of religion and others amply demonstrate the firm unity of the Eritrean people on the one hand, and the growing desperation of enemy quarters on the other.

Source: Young EPLF

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