What would happen to Hailemedhin, if he would hijack Eritrean Airlines

What would happen if Hailemedhin would hijack Eritrean instead of Ethiopian Airlines

Eritrean News: Let me guess he would be recognized as an Asylum Seeker without charge from the court, he would maybe get the nobel peace prize or would become a speaker in famous NGO’s for Human rights. The whole world would talk how bad the situation for human beens are in Eritrea. They would talk about football teams and athletes which flee the country “Eritrea”, but not about Zerisenay Tadese the world record holder in half marathon or all positive role model for example in cycling. For example Natnael Berhane, Daniel Teklehaymanot, Merhawi Kudus and all other professional cyclist which represents the country in a positive way. It is so hard to find positive things about Eritrea in the world “Mass Media” except on pro government sites.

But if you are “Ethiopian citizen” and tell the world how bad your country is, than you will be arrested and send back to Ethiopia. 😉

So the easiest way for Ethiopians is to say they are Eritrean to get Asylum in Europe.

African News: By Elias Meseret, “DireTube” Correspondent

The Federal High Court’s 20th Criminal Bench has found the co-pilot of an Ethiopian Airlines aircraft that was forced to land in Switzerland on February 17, 2014 guilty. Hailemedhin Abera, who forced an Ethiopian Airlines scheduled flight to Rome to be diverted to Genève, was charged with two cases but was found guilty on one instance.

Though he was also charged with causing the aircraft to agitate and cause the aircraft to shake terribly thereby causing problem to the passengers’ onboard, he was only found guilty of hijacking. Even though family members said at the time that the co-pilot was distraught at the time with a death in a family member, he had used a rope to lower himself out of a window and then asked for a political asylum in Switzerland.

He has since been in detention in Switzerland after Ethiopia’s call for extradition was rejected by Swiss authorities.

Hailemedhin, who had worked for Ethiopian Airlines for five years, locked the pilot of a Rome-bound flight out of the cockpit and then he diverted the plane to Geneva.

The jetliner carrying 200 passengers and crew took off from the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, on a flight to Milan and then Rome, but sent a distress message over Sudan that it had been hijacked, an Ethiopian official said at the time. Once the plane was over Europe, two Italian fighter jets and later French jets were scrambled to accompany it.

The court said the sentencing of Hailemedhin will be announced on March 20.


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