World Bank report – health care & education system – Eritrea

Eritrean documentation about Eritrea, the first of few good report about Eritrea. Most western Television networks didn’t see the positiv development of Eritrea. Even in Eritrea they are free education & health care for everyone. A poor nation in east africa could offer his people free health care, why the US-Government can’t do this. In Eritrea you don’t need to pay 20, 000 US-Dollar for School per year. It is amazing how much the US-country, which impose sanction against us, could learn from us. UNFAIR, UNJUST Resolution 1907 – “Sanction on Eritrea”. One nation with equal parts of Christian and Muslims live peacefully together, one example for the world. How we handle our ethnic diversity. Eritrea is an good example not only for africa also for the whole World. How to teach a youngster, what is important, what is not important. In Eritrea Teens educate other teens, this is the best way to chat openly.

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