Youths in Anseba Region – 4th ERI-Youth Festival

Youths in Anseba Region Finalize Preparations for 4th ERI-Youth Festival

Eritrean event news: Eritrea-Keren, 7 July 2010 – Youths in Anseba region said that they have finalized the necessary preparations to properly highlight the region’s rich cultural heritage and resources at the 4th ERI-Youth Festival.

Different artistic, sports, innovative and educational programs would be staged at the Festival that amply reflect the region’s potentials. The youth further explained that they have undergone training for many months so as to demonstrate excellence in various competitions at the festival. They also expressed conviction that they would acquire valuable experience from fellow youths from inside the country and abroad.

The chairperson of the Festival’s coordinating committee in the region, Ms. Jim’ia Adem, stated that the necessary preparations have been finalized and stressed the paramount importance of the event in fostering cooperation among the youth and upgrading their innovative skill.


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