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Eritrean news: Eritrea-Asmara, 25 April 2010 – The existing favorable atmosphere in Eritrea has a vital role to play in rising productively both in term of quality and quantity, Stated Mr. Stifano Bonazi, an Italian national who is the general manager of the privately-owned ZA-ER Plant.

He explained that the plant has offered various training courses to about 500 Eritrean employees, and that it has managed to produce about 500 shirts and from 150 to 200 trousers on a daily basis.

Mr. Stifano further noted that the plant’s products are not only qualitative but are also being sold at a fair price, and that such products are highly demanded in the European, Asian and African markets. There are also plans to boost production up to 1,300 shirts and trousers on daily basis in the near future, he elaborated. He went on to say that the plant has 7 selling stations in different parts of the country, including 3 in Eritrea-Asmara, and each in Eritrea-Mendefera, Eritrea-Keren, Eritrea-Dekemhare and Northwest-eritrea-Tessenei(border to Sudan).

The owner of the plant, Italian Zambayeti Jiancarlo, stated on his part that the task requires high caution and efficiency, and that it supplies up to 4,500 threads to the local and international market daily.

ZA-ER is a privately-owned plant set up in 2004, and at present it has about 500 employees.


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Eritrean plant boost production

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