Cycling Tour of Eritrea Stage 3 ERi-TV Reportage

Cycling Tour of Eritrea Stage 3 ERi-TV Reportage

Video: Cycling Tour of Eritrea Stage 3 ERi-TV Reportage: Third Tour Eritrea Tournament conducted along Alebu-Agordat route Asmara, 21 February 2013 – The Third Tour Eritrea Tournament was today conducted along Alebu-Agordat route involving 155 Km. Representing the GSP cycling club, Algerian Abdulbasit Hanachi stood first preceding Eritreans Meron Teshome, Meron Amanuel, Mekseb Debesai and Daniel Teklai who seized the 2nd to 5th ranks consecutively. Furthermore, Eritreans Bereket Yemane, Tesfom Ogbamariam and Awet Gebremedhin won the first three ranks in an up-hill racing at the 58th Km. of the tournament, thus giving rise to the National Team’s outstanding performance.

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