Eritrean News ዘና – Good Condition of Crops – Health Service

Eritrean Tigrigna Video News of 29 September 2013 by Eri-TV.


Crops in Guh-Che’a expressed in good condition

Dubaruba – Farmers in Guh-Che’a, Dubaruba sub-zone, explained that thanks to the soil and water conservation popular campaign they conducted before the coming of the rainy season their crops are in good condition.

Mr. Beyene Gebreselasie, Administrator of Adiqe-Teklai administrative area, told Erina that with popular campaign the inhabitants of Adi-Una, Ashaba, Hiret, Adibus, and Adi-Tokla, conducted 80 percent of their crops are in good condition and ready for harvest.

Mr. Okbatsion Habteab, Adiqe-Tekula village coordinator, called on farmers to conduct through follow-up of their crops until harvest.

Guh-Che’a which is located in Dubaruba sub-zone, is administrative area comprising 15 villages.


Call made for Eritrean Medical Doctors to step up efforts to ensure health of the society

Eritrean Health Service of EritreaAsmara – The Eritrean Medical Association called on medical experts to reinforce participation in the efforts of the Ministry of Health aimed at controlling the prevalence of diseases and ensure the health of the society.

Dr. Bereket Sebhatu, President of the association, explained that the association is finalizing preparation to conduct annual conference in which research papers would be presented with regards medical challenges and their solutions, case reports, as well as new findings, and that it would create the opportunity for sharing professional experiences.

He further invited Eritrean Medical Doctors to submit scientific and research papers for presentation at the 19th Eritrean Medical Association general conference which is to be held in October under the theme “Gastrointestinal Problems in Eritrea”.

Dr. Bereket also indicated that the association has established partnership with regional and global similar associations and participates in different health related international conferences, and that would help the association in assessing the past and current situation of the association and chart out future programs.

He also said that the Orota Medical School on top of its contribution in developing medical human resources is also making significant input in reinforcing the association.
The Eritrean Medical Association which has been established in 1993 has 250 members.


Education Ministry branch in Northern Red Sea region provides training of trainers

Masswa – The Education Ministry branch in Northern Red Sea region provided training of trainers in Ginda for teachers selected from six sub-zones aimed at developing the capacity of teachers in evaluating students.

The training that has been provided for school directors, super visors and teachers from the sub-zones of Gelalo, Foro, Shi’eb, Ginda, Massawa and Dahlak was aimed developing the capacity of teachers with regards collecting accurate information as well as transferring knowledge.

The participants explained that the training has given them the opportunity for sharing experiences, and that they would live up to expectation to transfer the training they received to fellow teachers. They also called for continuity of such training programs.

Mr. Omar Mahmud, head of educational affairs in the region, indicated that the training program has previously been conducted in 24 schools at national level and in 3 schools at regional level, and that the training program would be conducted in all sub-zones of the region.


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