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Provision of infrastructure facilities in the Eritrean Red Sea coast attracts investors

Eritrean business news: Eritrea-Asmara, 2 September 2010 – The putting in place of various infrastructure facilities in the Eritrean Red Sea coast is creating conducive ground for investors, stated Mr. Gebremedhin Habte, director general of marine transport in the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

In an interview with ERINA, he pointed out that strenuous efforts have been undertaken to ensure the provision of efficient and reliable marine transport that meets international standard. Mr. Gebremedhin further explained that encouraging outcome is being registered as a result of the endeavors so far made towards reinforcing the national economic and providing conducive ground to investors.

Mr. Gebremdhin indicated that the nation’s ports are free from pollution and provide efficient and reliable service to international and regional shipping lines, which would make due contribution for the development of the sector. He went on to explain that the implementation of a master plan for modern port service is already underway, and that docking facilities are under construction in Hirgigo at substantial expenditure. The director general also indicated that the Government is engaged in endeavors to modernize the port city of Assab.


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