Historical Monasteries In Anseba – Development Of Tourism Sector

Eritrean news: Eritrea-Keren, 24 June 2010 – The ancient and historical monasteries as well as mountains, rocks and other natural resources in Anseba region are making due contribution in the development of domestic tourism, according to the local inhabitants.

In an interview with ERINA, they said that Dearit Monastery in Keren sub-zone, Tsaada-Emba Monastery in Hagaz sub-zone, Debresina Monastery in Elaberad sub-zone and Tinkulahas are some of the major tourist destinations in the region.

Furthermore, the inhabitants of Tsaada-Emba said that the historical monastery is believed to have been founded around the 15th century. They also stressed the need to preserve the historical monastery and bequeath its heritage to future generations.

Source: Shabait.com

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